Предлагаем подборку полезных выражений продвинутого уровня для общения с англоязычными коллегами и партнерами:


  • to chair a meeting – to run or to be in charge of a meeting (возглавить собрание / совещание)

Пример: Our supervisor was sick, so I was asked to chair the meeting on Monday.


  • to bring something to the table – to provide something that will benefit a group or a company (внести вклад, привнести что-то полезное)

Пример: She’s been working in this field for more than 10 years, so she has a lot to bring to the table.


  • by the book – by following rules or systems very strictly (строго по правилам, как полагается)

Пример: Our boss does everything by the book, which has its pros, but some say that he’s too rigid about things.


  • to call the shots – to be the person in charge or who makes the decisions (руководить, командовать, принимать решения)

Пример: Olivia is our manager, but her assistant Natalie is the one calling the shots around here.


  • a contingency plan – a plan for handling an emergency (резервный план; план на случай непредвиденных обстоятельств)

Пример: Businesses need to have contingency plans in place to help them deal with unexpected events.